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Our Company... is aspiring to be the global leader in the email hosting industry offering business email hosting and personal email hosting solutions. Email is the most widely used Internet application. For some people, it is their most frequent form of communication. We know this and have designed our email service with the end user in mind.

Our Technology... functions through proprietary technology that is a complex network of servers and services operating together to provide you with one of the most reliable email services on the market. All services are monitored by a support staff 24 hours a day every day. We bring our customers peace of mind knowing that our email systems are backed by world-class support.

Our Service... strives on professionalism in all aspects of our product and service. From our attractive easy to use interface to our online customer support ticketing system, we extend ourselves to provide the richest email experience. Our email service is also packed with features such as calendars, journals, tasks, etc. that will make your life more manageable.

Our Added Focus... listens to its customers and has added value to our email hosting service by providing additional related services such as email marketing, web hosting, domain names and SSL certificates.

Our Continued Commitment... welcomes you and assures you of our continued commitment to your success in outsourcing your email. We plan on further enhancing our email hosting services as we receive feedback from our global community. We love to hear from you.

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