My Accounts -- WhoIS Lookup

What's in the WHOIS?

The WHOIS database is a central database that contains all registered domain names.

It is required by the ICANN organization that all domain names contain valid contact information for WHOIS search.

Is my personal contact information visible to anyone?

Yes. If you register a domain name, your personal contact information can be viewed by anyone who searches for your domain name using the WHOIS search.

We do offer ID Protect which is a private registration service that masks your identity in the WHOIS database.

This protects you from spammers that may attempt to take your email address form your contact information to send you unwated email messages.

Can I advertise in the WHOIS results if I purchase my domain name with

Yes. You may use our Business Listing service which is a public registration service that allows you to add custom content in the WHOIS results.

Our Business Listing service also places your website into a highly trafficked online directory that is optimized to help listed sites rank higher in search engines.

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