Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan Comparison

General features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
App catalog and marketplace right right
Team sites right right
Work management right right
Social collaboration right right
External sharing right right
Basic / Standard search right right
Enterprise search wrong right
Content management right right
Records management right right
E-Discovery, ACM and compliance wrong right
Excel services, powerpivot and powerview wrong right
Scorecards and dashboards wrong wrong
Access services right right
Visio services wrong right
Form based application wrong right
SharePoint 2013 workflow right right
Business connectivity services wrong right
24/7 Microsoft IT-level phone support right right
Developer features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Access services right right
App catalog (SharePoint) right right
App deployment: Autohosted apps right right
App deployment: Cloud-hosted apps right right
App deployment: SharePoint-hosted apps right right
App management services right right
BCS: Alerts for external lists wrong right
BCS: App scoped external content types (ECTs) wrong right
BCS: Business data webparts wrong right
BCS: External list wrong right
BCS: OData connector wrong right
BCS: Profile pages wrong wrong
BCS: Rich client integration wrong wrong
BCS: Secure store service wrong right
BCS: Tenant-level external data log wrong right
Browser-based customizations right right
Client object model (OM) right right
Client-side rendering (CSR) right right
Custom site definitions wrong wrong
Custom site provisioning wrong wrong
Developer site right right
Forms based applications right right
Full-trust solutions wrong wrong
InfoPath forms services wrong right
JavaScript object model right right
List and library APIs right right
Remote event receiver right right
REST API right right
Sandboxed solutions right right
SharePoint design manager right right
SharePoint designer right right
SharePoint store right right
Workflow 2010 (.NET 3.5) right right
Workflow 2010 (out of the box) right right
Workflow 2013 right right
Workload API: ECM APIs right right
Workload API: Search APIs right right
Workload API: Social APIs right right
IT professional features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Active directory synchronization right right
Alternate access mapping (AAM) wrong wrong
Analytics platform wrong wrong
Claims-based authentication support wrong wrong
Configuration wizards wrong wrong
Deferred site collection upgrade right right
Distributed cache wrong wrong
Host header site collections wrong wrong
Improved permissions management right right
Improved self-service site creation wrong wrong
Managed accounts wrong wrong
Minimal download strategy (MDS) right right
OAuth right right
Patch management wrong wrong
Quota templates wrong wrong
Read-only database support wrong wrong
Remote blog storage wrong wrong
Request management wrong wrong
Request throttling wrong wrong
Resource throttling wrong wrong
Service application platform right right
SharePoint Health Analyzer wrong wrong
SharePoint admin center right right
Shredded storage wrong wrong
Site collection compliance policies right right
Site collection health checks right right
State service wrong wrong
Streamlined central administration wrong wrong
System status notifications wrong wrong
Unattached content database recovery wrong wrong
Upgrade evaluation site collections right right
Usage reporting and logging wrong wrong
Windows powershell support right right
Content features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Accessibility standards support right right
Asset library enhancements / video support right right
Auditing right right
Auditing & reporting (doc edits, policy edits, deletions) right right
Auditing of view events right right
Content organizer right right
Design manager right right
Document sets right right
Document translation in word web app right right
eDiscovery wrong right
External sharing: external access right right
External sharing: guest link right right
Folder sync right right
IRM using windows azure AD rights management wrong wrong
IRM using windows server AD RMS right right
In-place hold right right
Managed metadata service right right
Metadata-driven navigation right right
Multi-stage disposition right right
Office ProPlus (Osub) wrong wrong
Office web apps (create/edit) wrong wrong
Office web apps (view) right right
Office web apps server integration wrong wrong
PowerPoint automation services wrong wrong
Preservation hold library wrong right
Quick edit right right
Records management right right
Recycle bin (SharePoint admin center) right right
Recycle bin (site collection) right right
Related items right right
Rich media management right right
Shared content types right right
SharePoint translation services right right
Site mailbox right right
Surveys wrong wrong
Unique document IDs right right
Video search wrong right
WCM: Analytics wrong wrong
WCM: Catalog wrong wrong
WCM: Cross-site publishing wrong wrong
WCM: Designer tools right right
WCM: Faceted navigation wrong wrong
WCM: Image renditions wrong wrong
WCM: Mobile and device rendering right right
WCM: Multiple domains wrong wrong
WCM: OOTB recommendations webparts right right
WCM: Search engine optimizations (SEO) right right
WCM: Topic pages wrong wrong
Word automation services wrong wrong
Insights features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Business intelligence center wrong right
Calculated measures and members wrong right
Data connection library wrong right
Decoupled pivottables and pivotcharts wrong right
Excel services wrong right
Field list and field support wrong right
Filter enhancements wrong right
Filter search wrong right
PerformancePoint services wrong wrong
PerformancePoint services (PPS) dashboard migration wrong wrong
PowerView wrong right
PowerPivot wrong right
Quick explore wrong right
Scorecards and dashboards wrong wrong
SQL server reporting services (SSRS) integrated mode wrong wrong
Timeline slicer wrong right
Visio services wrong right
Search features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Advanced content processing wrong wrong
Content search web part wrong wrong
Continuous crawl wrong wrong
Custom entity extraction wrong wrong
Deep links right right
Event-based relevancy right right
Expertise search right right
Extensible content processing wrong wrong
Graphical refiners right right
Hybrid search right right
Managed navigation right right
On-premises search index wrong wrong
Phonetic name matching right right
Query rules--Add promoted results right right
Query rules--advanced actions wrong wrong
Query spelling correction right right
Query suggestions right right
Query throttling right right
Quick preview right right
Recommendations right right
Refiners right right
RESTful Query API / Query OM right right
Result sources wrong wrong
Search connector framework wrong wrong
Search results sorting right right
Search vertical: "Conversations" right right
Search vertical: "People" right right
Search vertical: "Video" right right
Tunable relevancy wrong wrong
Sites features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Change the look right right
Connections to Microsoft Office clients right right
Cross-browser support right right
Custom managed paths wrong wrong
Governance right right
Mobile connectivity right right
Multi-lingual user interface right right
My tasks right right
OOTB web parts right right
Permissions management right right
Project functionality for team sites right right
Project site template right right
Project summary web part right right
Project workspace right right
Public website (SPO) right right
SharePoint lists right right
SharePoint ribbon right right
Task list right right
Team site: Drag and drop right right
Team site: Notebook right right
Team site: Simplified access right right
Templates right right
Themes right right
Usage analytics wrong wrong
Variations right right
Work management service right right
Social features SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Ask me about right right
Blogs right right
Communities reputation, badging and moderation right right
Community right right
Company feed right right
Follow right right
Microblogging right right
Newsfeed right right
One-click sharing right right
People, sites & document recommendations right right
Personal site right right
Photos and presence right right
Profile right right
Ratings right right
Site feed right right
Skydrive pro right right
Tag profiles right right
Tasks integrated with Outlook right right
Trending tags right right
Wikis right right
Add-On Services SharePoint Online Plan 1 SharePoint Online Plan 2
Additional storage right right
Azure provisioned apps: Access services right right
Azure provisioned apps: Custom code in Azure LWR right right
Duet online wrong wrong
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