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Pay-as-you-go email marketing is perfect for the business or individual looking for the flexibility that comes with sending email marketing campaigns as often as you want. This is our most popular plan as it allows you to pay only for what you use.

Take advantage of the many features that will allow you to provide maximum exposure for your business. From setting up opt-in forms to grow your lists to ‘send to a friend’ links within your email messages, we offer the tools to increase your visibility.

We also offer direct mail postcards, online surveys and so much more because we understand that an email marketing campaign is not complete without using traditional methods for reaching your customer base.

To ensure your success with email marketing, we have priced our service so that it is affordable for every budget. You can buy as many email credits as you want and then send your email newsletters when you are ready. You are not bound by any monthly charges. We want your business to thrive and be a part of your success.

Familiarize yourself with our email marketing service with our free trial offer. No billing information is collected -- so put away your credit card and give us a try!

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